Tshukudu Lodge

Aeshetically beautiful decking that is strong, durable, Fire retardant and UV stable.


A visual experience that matches the great design and aesthetics of the lodge and hotel.


Strong, lightweight and UV stable deck plans ensure that our clients get optimal life out of deck planks.


Fire retardant Nowa Deck planks ensure that we meet the highest safety standards for clients.

Tshukudu Lodge

We are a proudly ‘green’ manufacturer based in South Africa, offering great personalised customer service to all clients – large and small alike.

Lodges and hospitality groups are built on the foundation of great customer service and by extension, they demand great levels of customer service from their suppliers.

Nowa Tech understands and appreciates these business relationships and continues to grow throughout Africa based on our personalised, tailor-made customer service.

Tshukudu Lodge

Nowa Deck


The colour finishes were designed to blend in with natural tones found in nature. We want our decking planks to enhance and compliment the surroundings with a more natural look, having an uncapped brushed surface accomplishes this aesthetic. Our Savanna finish installed at this stunning lodge in Hoedspruit seems like a continuity of the surrounding nature.

Strength and durability

The lodge has high foot traffic and requires strong, durable decking. We leveraged the strength of PVC composite decking and the surface finish of our planks to meet their requirements.

Disasters and mishaps happen. Life happens. We understand this and opted for a surface area that could be repaired if something happened that caused damage to the surface of our decking planks.

On a more technical note, we selected polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the preferred and only polymer in our wood polymer composite (WPC). PVC is one of the hardest thermoform plastics and is widely used in applications where increased rigidity, strength and endurance are required.

Of all the plastics used in WPC applications, PVC is the most durable, enduring and weather resistant. Additionally, its high chlorine content makes the material fire- resistant which is incredibly important given the social and entertainment events hosted at the lodge.

Consistency and longevity

We have been producing the same decking profile, with the same PVC WPC composition and the same colour finishes since inception in 2010.

This makes alterations and additions far easier for our clients as there is no concern for the discontinuation of a profile or colour, which is sometimes the case with imported products.

We are in full control of what we use to make our decking profiles, including the design, shape, length and colour. Something that our clients love because it affords them peace of mind about current and future deliverables in all elements of their decking requirements.

Client Name

Tshukudu Lodge & Hotel


June, 2022


Hoedspruit, South Africa