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Superior strength and quality wrapped up in premium building products. Nowa Tech products are incredibly tough, UV resistant, lightweight, green and recyclable. Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential use.

UV Stable

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NowaDeck In Action

NowaDeck planks are durable, lightweight, fire retardant and UV stable. They are also aesthetically beautiful and are used in applications from Luxury Lodges to Restaurant decks. Take a quick peak at our beautiful deck planks.

Nowa Tech Deck Planks

Our products deliver solutions that are durable, environmentally friendly, and most of all, optimise our customers’ project costs, reducing wastage and saving time. From building and home improvement products through to the public and transport sectors, we deliver smartly.

Nowa Tech Decking Planks

Frequently Asked Questions

Our decking profiles are made using a combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and responsibly sourced wood flour.

Yes, our decking planks and profiles can be used for vertical cladding providing an ventilated façade.

Our products are designed for DIY installations, we can offer supply only or including installation.